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To request booking for Culinary Tours, Cooking Programs, and Summer Vacation Rental at Camont, please send us a note with your desired dates and program. We'll get back to you tout de suite!

2019 Culinary Adventures and Special Programs:

  • there are still some spaces left in our September and October Classic Gascony Cooking Programs. Just ask!

2020 RoadTrips:

  • April 16-22 Insider’s RoadTrip: Catalunya

  • April 24-30 Insider’s RoadTrip: Andalucía

  • Sept 5-11 Insider’s Roadtrip: Basquelandia

  • Sept 13-19 Insider’s RoadTrip: Catalunya

Two of the above trips may be combined for a two week culinary adventure; we’ll take care of the transition travel and hotels. Just let us know!




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